Buyer's Contract

Bernedoodle Breeder’s Health Guarantee & Buyer’s Contract

Buyer Responsibilities

  • Have puppy vet checked within one week.

  • Provide routine preventative care and do annual examinations by a licensed veterinarian.

  • Follow veterinarian guidelines for vaccination, deworming, and flea control.

  • If buyer for some reason can not provide proper care of puppy ever in it’s lifetime, will not put puppy/dog in a shelter and will instead return the dog to breeder, (no monies shall be returned.)

  • Puppy is a companion/pet, not a breeder and must be spayed or neutered by 1 year of age

  • All deposits are nonrefundable and go towards purchase prices

  • Balance must be paid in full by eight weeks of age or before puppy leaves, unless other arrangements have been made. Otherwise, all monies paid and claims to the puppy will be forfeited and puppy will be made available to other potential buyers.

  • Any and all shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Health Guarantee

  • Puppies are guaranteed for one year from date of birth against any fatal or life altering diseases which adversely affect the health of the puppy. If the puppy dies within this one year time frame the buyer will pay to have an autopsy done and if the reason is congenital the seller will replace the puppy.

  • This guarantee does not cover the following non-life threatening condition: skin allergies.

  • A puppy showing any serious genetic or congenital defect will be replaced as follows: Puppy must show the defect by one year of age and seller must be notified of the problem within two business days of the licensed veterinarian’s determination.

  • Seller will pay no vet bills and no refund in part or in full will be given.

  • Buyer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the seller on replacement puppies.

  • This guarantee applies to the original puppy owner only and is not transferable to another party.

  • No replacement puppy will be given if the puppy has been bred or euthanized without permission from the seller. Or spayed or neutered by an unlicensed veterinarian.

  • Replacement puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties. Puppies may not be from the exact same parents but of comparable quality and value. Seller has one year to make replacement of any returned puppy due to the fact that breeding and gestation of raising a puppy takes a certain amount of time. If seller can not provide buyer with another puppy of similar quality and value within one year than a full refund will be given.

  • Any physical problem which or could be the result of an injury is not covered by this guarantee.

  • This contract supersedes any and all previous agreements and is null and void if the terms and conditions are not met.

  • Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the state of Illinois. It is agreed that any legal issues or court proceedings concerning the puppy purchased under this contract will be resolved in Douglas County, Illinois

  • This puppy is current on all vaccinations and dewormers and is being sent to you free from any diseases known to the seller.